Coral Calcium – Why?

Coral calcium originated from Japan many years ago. It was introduced in USA in 1995 by Fred Kaufman and is known as coral calcium by Aqualyte. This product comes in form of tea bags or sachets that contain granules or powder that purify ordinary water and make it healthier to drink.

This unique product has a very interesting history. Back in 1979, the oldest man on earth was discovered by the Guinness book of records in the Japanese island of Okinawa. At that time, he was aged 115 years and died later aged 120 years. His secret to living a long and healthy life was simply by use of Aqualyte.

This discovery raised eyebrows among the Japanese people and the government asked scientists to make further investigations. They discovered that most people on the island were over 100 years old. Further investigations revealed that their secret lay in the water they drank. To find out more simply click here

The Island of Okinawa was made up of ancient coral reef. When rain water soaked the ground, it affected the minerals making the water rich with ionic minerals and gave it the correct structure. This made their animals stronger and the crops healthier. When this secret was shared with the world, it led to the production of this product, AquaLyte Coral Calcium

Using these water enhancing sachets is very beneficial to your body as it increases pH of drinking water to alkaline levels which in turn raise blood alkalinity. It adds essential minerals to the body like calcium and magnesium which are easily absorbed. This assists in strengthening teeth and bones by minimizing acidity of body fluids. It also improves the taste and quality of water and other beverages.

Coral Calcium By Aqualyte For Better Health

Coral minerals by Aqualyte is a great product that ensures that water is clean no matter the source. It makes purifying of water easy and thus enables one to cut on costs. It is possible to purchase this product online at a reasonable price.

Coral calcium health benefits

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